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September 6, 2007

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September 6, 2007

Potential for earthquakes that can set off tsunamis in the northern Bay of Bengal

September 6, 2007

Here is the abstract of a paper by Phil R Cummins in the latest issue of Nature:

The great Sumatra–Andaman earthquake and Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 came as a surprise to most of the earth science community. Although it is now widely recognized that the risk of another giant earthquake is high off central Sumatra, just east of the 2004 earthquake, there seems to be relatively little concern about the subduction zone to the north, in the northern Bay of Bengal along the coast of Myanmar. Here I show that similar indicators suggest a high potential for giant earthquakes along the coast of Myanmar. These indicators include the tectonic environment, which is similar to other subduction zones that experience giant megathrust earthquakes, stress and crustal strain observations, which indicate that the seismogenic zone is locked, and historical earthquake activity, which indicates that giant tsunamigenic earthquakes have occurred there in the past. These are all consistent with active subduction in the Myanmar subduction zone and I suggest that the seismogenic zone extends beneath the Bengal Fan. I conclude therefore that giant earthquakes probably occur off the coast of Myanmar, and that a large and vulnerable population is thereby exposed to a significant earthquake and tsunami hazard.

More specifically, in the article, Cummins mentions the region that could be impacted as

… Chittagong coast and the Ganges–Brahmaputra delta at the northern tip of the Bay of Bengal…

Take a look!

PS: Though nearly two years old, here is the Strategy Paper on – Prevention/Protection and Mitigation from Risk of Tsunami Disasters (pdf) from the National Disaster Management homepage of Government of India.

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September 6, 2007