Quantum effects in solid mechanics

The September Journal Club theme at iMechanica is Quantum Effects in Solid Mechanics. Harley T Johnson has put together a nice introduction and a few important questions for further discussion:

  1. … how solid mechanics, through the effects of deformation, connects to the quantum mechanical behavior of electrons in a solid …
  2. How does strain affect optical properties at the nanoscale?
  3. How does strain affect electrical conduction at the nanoscale?
  4. How does electronic structure influence elasticity?

From one of the papers that Johnson refers to, I learn that coherent interfaces are also known by another name, namely, pseudomorphic structures:

Structures are called pseudomorphic when they are lattice mismatched to their substrates, and the strain is accommodated entirely elastically without plastic relaxation via dislocations.

By the way, are they also known an Rank One connections? I need to check that.

In any case, though the papers themselves are relatively old (from 1995 to 1999), and none of them are review papers, they all seem very interesting (and might even have a distant relationship to some of things that I have been doing), and, I am looking forward to the discussions.

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