Open access and preserving integrity of scholarly research

Grrlscientist tells us about a group that is fighting open access “to preserve the integrity of scholarly research”:

PRISM, the Partnership for Research Integrity in Science & Medicine, is a group of scientific and medical activists who are fighting against Open Access to the public for research articles. They claim that, by keeping access to research closed to the public that they are “preserv[ing] the integrity of America’s scholarly research.”

How do they claim that Open Access endangers scientific and medical research?

  • undermining the peer review process by compromising the viability of non-profit and commercial journals that manage and fund it;
  • opening the door to scientific censorship in the form of selective additions to or omissions from the scientific record;
  • subjecting the scientific record to the uncertainty that comes with changing federal budget priorities and bureaucratic meddling with definitive versions; and
  • introducing duplication and inefficiencies that will divert resources that would otherwise be dedicated to research.

But nowhere do they explain how public access to research causes all these listed damages.

Reminded me the story of Hippasus; he was also murdered to avoid the “scholarly research of Pythagoras” getting tainted by letting people learn about heresies like irrational numbers.


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