Thursday late night links

  1. Sandra Kiume at Omni Brain has collected some nice science sites for kids; Zuska tells which one is her favourite among them;
  2. Terence Tao attends a talk on introgressive hybridisation, and tells us what it is all about;
  3. Michiko Kakutani writes about her impressions of the latest Harry Potter novel in particular, and about Harry Potter series in general; Laura Miller at Salon reviews the book too–but be careful–there are spoilers in this one;
  4. Jenny Davidson points to this amazing video of a lecture about Photosynth, a digital image manipulation program; a must-see.
  5. Anusuya Mukherjee at Telegraph reviews Measuring the world, a novel by Daniel Kehlmann, based on the lives of Gauss and Humboldt.

Have fun!


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