The economist’s way of thinking!

Here is a review in Nature of The Soulful Science: what economists do and why it matters by Diane Coyle:

Economists typically see the world through a different lens from most folk. “Economics isn’t defined by its subject matter but by its way of thinking,” says Coyle. But is it a better way of thinking? She sets out to argue that it is, and that economics has had an unfairly bad press.

Of course, the reviewer (Frances Cairncross), has no hesitation in recommending the book:

The best thing about it is a deft mapping of the developments in economic thought. Coyle describes brilliantly the intellectual geography of her subject. So anyone who wants to understand how the big ideas of the past half century fit together, and which economists’ publications have been key in advancing particular arguments, could not do better than read this book. For a student wondering whether to study the subject, this is the perfect introduction.

Take a look!

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