Physics envy and physics snobbery!

Pharyngula, quotes from a discussion about how science fiction writers treat biology (shoddily), while giving a list of SF authors who get the biology right (very few); along the way there is also a quote about astronomers discussing life and biologists discussing blackholes. Pharyngula also tells how, even though biologists don’t have physics envy, they still have to put up with physics snobbery!

I am just wondering if it all started with Schroedinger’s What is life? Or, are there books by physicists about biology even before that? While we are at it, how much of biology does Schroedinger get correct? Would be interesting to know!

Finally, before I end this post, here is a paper on physicists’ forays into biology called A simple model of evolution of simple models of evolution (pdf); I am sure Abi told me about this paper–but I am not able to find any links to it on his blog!

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