Need for improved drug delivery systems

First, let me provide a bit of motivation for improved drug delivery systems. Whenever, we, as patients, take drugs, whether by swallowing pills or taking injections, the level of the drug in our bloodstreams usually starts out very low, then rises, and then goes down again. We then take the drug again, and the same thing happens. At the peaks, those drug levels could be toxic, while in the valleys, the drug might not be effective at all. Yet almost all drugs are administered in this problematic way. More than 100,000 deaths every year can be attributed to people taking prescription drugs in the correct way, often because of that very fact.

From this piece (pdf) (which is nearly an year old); via iMechanica jClub for July 2007, which article also gives links to several other interesting papers and reviews on drug delivery using hydrogels.  Take a look!

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