Nanotube based composites — some Q&A’s!

In a News and Views piece in Nature, Ajayan and  Tour answer the following questions about carbon nanotubes based composites:

  • Why do we need composite materials?
  • What makes carbon nanotubes special compared with other reinforcing fibres?
  • How do nanotubes affect the properties of composites?
  • Are nanotube composites easy to make? (No!)
  • Does a nanotube’s small size directly affect the properties of nantobue composites?
  • Why aren’t nanotube composites already widely available?
  • Are there any other manufacturing issues?
  • What has been done to enhance the interfacial properties of nanotubes?
  • Couldn’t the interfacial slippage be exploited?
  • Is it possible to order the arrangement of nanotubes in composites?
  • We’ve seen that nanotube composites combine strength and conductivity–what else can they do?
  • How will we see nanotube composites used in the future?

In addition, there are also recommendations for further reading.  Take a look!

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