Inscription on the Delhi iron pillar!

Prof. R Balasubramanian of IIT-Kanpur (Bala for most of us) writes at least one article every year on some aspect or other of Delhi iron pillar; here is his latest in the most recent issue of Current Science (pdf) regarding the process by which the inscriptions on the Delhi iron pillar have been made (pdf):

A detailed technical analysis of the characters of the oldest Delhi Iron Pillar inscription has been conducted. It reveals that the characters were put on the surface by die-striking operation using dies of different characteristic shapes. The dies were struck more than once to provide each imprint on surface. Both the die and material surfaces were in cold condition during the operation. Evidences have been provided to conclude that the inscription was die-struck on the pillar when it was in the vertical erect condition.

Take a look!


3 Responses to “Inscription on the Delhi iron pillar!”

  1. Balasubramaniam Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thanks for the very nice words you had to say.

    With very warm regards and best wishes
    R Balasubramaniam
    30 Jun 07

  2. kishore patnaik Says:

    Very nice indeed.

    Kishore patnaik

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