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Cutting edge materials science questions

June 16, 2007

Materials science, as the report notes, is not only a broad field of inquiry itself, but advances in materials science enable advances in many other fields, and its progress has a direct impact on consumers. Our understanding of the physical and chemical properties of materials has become essential to creating various processors, sensors, light sources, etc. As such, the grand challenges proposed in the report drift into areas such as biology and computer science:

* How do complex phenomena emerge from simple ingredients?
* How will the energy demands of future generations be met?
* What is the physics of life?
* What happens far from equilibrium and why?
* What new discoveries await us in the nanoworld?
* How will the information technology revolution be extended?

The report suggests that meeting these challenges will be essential not only for our scientific understanding, but for future economic growth as well. The countries that do the most to meet them will benefit the most economically.

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