Tiger conservation and history of Indian science and technological institutions

Here are a couple of book reviews of interest:

  1. G Ananthakrishnan reviews an anthology edited by Ullas Karanth on tigers and their conservation:

    Much of the book, however, consists of serious chapters written by tiger biologists based on their research in Nepal, Siberia, Java and India among others. Karanth is best known for his rigorous study of tigers in Nagarahole in Karnataka. Here he has apparently chosen the many contributions with the idea of providing an accessible body of work to anyone interested in tigers. He explains techniques such as radio telemetry and camera trapping. As one of the leading researchers on the species he writes here too on the importance of saving not merely the tiger, but also its prey. The hunting of prey, as Karanth never tires of explaining to his audiences, has as much of a devastating effect on tiger populations as the poaching of the predator itself.The book is a good introduction to the entire gamut of issues in conservation. It explains the historical background, the biology of the species and the best approaches to save the cat. You might have read some of the themes and authors elsewhere, but this is a compact compilation for everyone.

  2. Siddharth Varadarajan reviews a book by a former scientific advisor to the prime minister (during Indira Gandhi, PN Haskar times–I guess it should be the time of P N Dhar also). Looks like an interesting read:

    …his account of these years is likely to become a standard reference work for anyone interested in the history of India’s science and technology policy.

Take a look!

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