Nature precedings

An editorial in the latest issue of Nature, while telling about two websites (which are free to access), namely, Nature reports Climate Change and Nature reports Stem Cells, also tells about another new initiative called Nature Precedings:

Intended to cover biomedicine, chemistry and the Earth sciences, the site ( will host a wide range of research documents, including preprints, unpublished manuscripts, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, posters and presentations. All submissions will be reviewed by staff curators and accepted only if they are considered to be legitimate scientific contributions of likely interest to others in that field. No judgement is to be made about the quality or uniqueness of the work, and submissions are not subjected to peer review before they are released. Because of this, accepted submissions will usually be published within one working day, and no charge is made to either authors or readers.

Nature Precedings will make full use of participative features such as tagging, voting and commenting to facilitate the discovery of especially interesting and relevant content.

I am not able to figure out why these three fields are the chosen ones; but, it is a good beginning, in any case.


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