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Raja Rao on word/writing/reading!

May 24, 2007

Sometime back I wrote about how Raja Rao treats word as mantra, and how writing in turn becomes a form of tapas. Now, Shencottah has a blogpost of quotes culled from one of his talks; some ideas are Zen-like:

… It is my conviction (basing myself on my Indian background) that you cannot really communicate unless you have no desire to really communicate …

And, of course, here is the word as mantra:

… The word is but vibrant silence compounded into a momentary act. The act has to be like prayer if it should yield what you want it to yield. Even to say a flower, you must be able to say it in such a way that the force of the vocable, has the potency to create the flower. Unless the word becomes mantra no writer is a writer, and no reader a reader …

Note that in the Raja Rao-ian universe, reading is a form of tapas too!

The idea of writing as a means to achieve immortality, or as a reaction to the thought of death (which I discussed here and here) is also implicit in one of his quotes:

… It is just the same way that you feel you will live for ever, though your life span might be seventy or eighty years. The feel that you are everlasting demands that everything be everlasting. Hence the demand that the word be eternal. If man is eternal, so is the word …

A nice post that you can bookmark, visit often, and ruminate about!