Superfluid Helium: follow-up

I have mentioned grain boundaries and resistance less flow in solid Helium a couple of times here and elsewhere. Chad Orzel at Uncertain principles comments on the Physics Web article on the issue, and calls for more explanations; in the comments section, Doug Natelson and others do some explaining, while Doug also gives a link to this blogpost of Incoherent Ponderer, who, in turn links to plenty of resources (and is also a bit miffed that theorists are getting a lion’s share of credits). From all the discussion, I see that it is grain boundary (and, probably a liquid phase at the grain boundary) which seems to be the most probable candidate that would explain the phenomena.

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    […] of this blog. I have also written about resistance free flow in solid helium a couple of times: here and here for example. Today, I got to hear Prof. Balibar on the role of disorder (defects) in […]

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