Literary Darwinism

In MR style, I could have titled this post Darwinism in everything: literary theory edition. In any case, here is the idea:

By applying evolution-based thinking to fiction, we believe we can invigorate the study of literature, while at the same time mining an untapped source of information for the scientific study of human nature (see “Truth in fiction”). Darwinian thinking can help us better understand why characters act and think as they do, why plots and themes resonate within such very narrow bounds of variation, and the ultimate reasons for the human animal’s strange, ardent love affair with stories.

It may sound like an innocent endeavour, but this is potentially revolutionary. If literary Darwinism is mainly right, then much of what has been written and said in the realm of literary theory and criticism in the second half of the 20th century is in need of significant revision.

From here; via A&L Daily.

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