I know

WAY too much about my advisor; I scored 100 %. Raises an interesting question–Is it a common trait among Indian grad students to know way too much about their advisors? Unless my other friends give me their scores, I cannot tell.

2 Responses to “I know”

  1. gaddeswarup Says:

    I scored only one point; even this I am not sure whether I had the right answer. My advisor was M.S. Narasimhan. If you know more about him, I would be happy to know. We used to have beer together on saturdays when he was advising but I never found out these details. If I did, they slipped from my memory.

  2. Guru Says:

    Dear Swarup,

    I can tell the middle name of your advisor: Mudumbai Seshachalu Narasimhan and his thesis advisor: Komaravolu Chandrasekharan. He did his undergraduate studies in Loyola College, Madras. He was born in Thandarai. So, I guess now you can score 4 on 5! Surprising how much a bit of googling can achieve!

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