Poornachandra Tejaswi: some tributes

Here are some tributes to the Kannada novelist Poornachandra Tejaswi who passed away recently. I loved his novel Karvalo a lot; he is a nature writer and wildlife photographer too.

  1. Deepa Ganesh translates (from Kannada, I presume) the tribute of Muralidhara Khajane:

    His works assume the air of detective writing because of their exploratory nature. This feature, inspired by the adventures of modern science, rendered him the hero of young readers. But what saved him from becoming a writer of detective thrillers is his seeking for the mystic. There are few writers who have achieved what Tejaswi could: he was able to cater to two categories of readers – those who looked for entertainment in literature as well as to those for whom it was a serious intellectual pursuit.

    Tejaswi was majorly drawn towards modern science and technology. Along with the dog and the bee, you find that a jeep, a scooter and a water pump becoming characters in his writings. He had great respect for the achievements and adventures of European scientists. Remember that the protagonist of his novel “Carvalho” was a scientist with a Eurpoean mind: a modern, humanist thinker. Writing about the river Nile, he reveals great reverence for Livingstone who became a martyr, while on his mission. But unlike other greens who are anti-modernity, anti-development and anti-technology, and strongly advocate the traditional way of life, Tejaswi was unique. Though he moved faraway from the din and bustle of city life, he was a worshipper of modernity and technology.

  2. Deepa Ganesh also profiles Tejaswi as described by his publisher and friend Raghavendra: This was exactly the way Tejaswi mastered the computer. He got it through a friend in the US, way back in 1986. Tejaswi sat with the 286 machine, night and day, till he had cracked it. “His constant research and experimentation made him an authentic voice for Kannada software.”
  3. Krupakar and Senani, two wildlife enthusiasts and photogrpahers pay their tributes to Tejaswi: Tejaswi was an authority on the birds of Malnad. He would wait for hours and hours for the right picture. Andthere was never any monotony in them.

    What to us was truly surprising was that he could capture expressions in those birds. According to us, nobody in India has been able to achieve what he has been able to. So much so that, if you talk to them about “expressions” in a bird, they may even scoff at you. He was a photographer of international standards and his pictures were as diverse as his persona.

    In 1968, he did a photo essay for Tushara, titled “Megha Malhara”. We still think it is one of the finest essays on natural history in the country. He had taken pictures of coffee plantation workers walking home n the incessant rain with areca covers pulled over their heads. They were so shrouded that it was hard to tell one from the other.

  4. U R Ananthamurthy (in Kannada): In course of time,  whatever book I asked him to read, he read, and used to say “Sir, Maha Jor” — without any embarrassment.

11 Responses to “Poornachandra Tejaswi: some tributes”

  1. VIJAY KUMAR.T Says:

    .t said: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    poorna chandra tejaswi was indeed a versatile literary maestro himself with his unique writing style and unlike mediasavvy authors he was in realty a true “rishi’ who actually wrote what he experienced in the ,unique beauty, enigma, wilderness of great western ghats. his rudra prayagada narbhakshaka,jugaricross will proove his unique abililty as a author other side of tejaswi is his mere adherence to socialism that is exactly he followed what he wrote , and never behind any positions,awards,being son of great KUVEMPU THE RASHTRAKAVI, THE FIRST JNANPEETI he always stood away from his shadow in reallife as well as in his style as an Author there will very few writers like tejaswi, he is just unique,just ultimate.LONG LIVE POORNA CHANDRA TEJASWI

  2. Indra Kumar HB Says:

    i am a great fan of Tejasvi. I started reading him only from 2003. I am being a short story writer, admire the style of the great man, still he lived in the old traditioned, and wrong thought people, we miss him very much.

  3. Umesh Says:

    The first book of Tejasvi that I read was way back in 1996 when I was about 15. It was Flying saucers part 1 and 2. Since then I have read part 2 about 20 times..yes 20 times.
    I then read almost evry book he wrote and I am reading ‘Carvahlo’ all over again and I should sayd this is his best written ever.

    I always wanted to meet him…when I was studying in chikmagalore, it was a mere 25 km distance from Mudigere where he lived. I never made it and the only time I saw him, he was silent on his death bed! He has inspired me to start writing along his lines…May his soul rest in peace

  4. raman Says:

    annana nenapu,parisara kathegalu,chidambara rahasya i like these books of tejaswi,he is the person who tells the story in his simple lines unbelievebly. according to me he is the finest writer with great art of living and enjoying life…pay tribute to him by reading his books…

  5. SM Katti Says:

    KPPT was a good writer and more than that best nature lover and nature photographer. Karvalo is v sensitive to read. It seems he had plans to write “Kalosmi” . Can it not be published even though it is not complete ?

  6. sumanth Says:

    I love K.P’s Jugari cross, Kaadina kathegalu very much… his scientific thinking and adopting that in his literature is his great power… I miss him so much eventhough I live with his books……

  7. prasadhegde Says:

    poornachandra tejaswi is one of the greatest writers in Kannada literature.I’ve started to read his novel Flying Saucer series when i was in 10th std. I dont know how many times i’ve read that book.Later i got busy in my engg stuffs everything and i forgot tejaswi but occassionaly started to read Ravi belegere,Bairappa ,Sidney sheldon etc..But after joining to software industry,one saturday evening incidently i went to Sapna book house and brought chidambara rahasya. Oh God! After that , I’ve become crazy fan of Tejaswi.Next sunday itself i went once again to Sapna and brought Karvalo,jugari cross and even after 11-12 hr work in front of pc, i finished those 2 books in 3days..He is gr8.As Im basically from Shivamogga,I”ve never seen such a beautiful explaination about my Malanad.He had wonderful eyes,wonderful heart to see,explain it..He is d person who taught sci fi novel,nature,birds.His narration style is simply superb.He is unique in his own way.Really Kannada literature and our Malnad has lost greatest son Tejaswi Sir..

  8. venkatesh Says:

    i read tejaswis book karvalo when i was just 18. after that i have become a crazy fan of his writing. he is a unique writer and a true lover of nature. i also like his chidambara rahasya, jugari cross and all of his scientfic books. The best tribute we can give to this great writer is by reading his books again and again!

  9. Ashwini K T Says:

    I am Tejaswi,s big fan.he is my inspiration to live life with dignity.
    I love his chidambara rahasya and all other books.
    I was waiting for his maayaloka-2,was planning to visit him one day,it was my dream to chat with him.big salute from me.He is uncomparable.

  10. Sourabha T T Says:

    i salute to tejaswi for the work of karvalo……..its a fantastic writing and its a beautiful experience of his life. Every science student should read this book.It tells us how we have to learn from each and every person.

  11. shivaprasad Says:

    i have a great salute to poochanthe,because ma inspiration,my advisor,totally i dont have any words to say about sir,he was always a chidambara rahasya

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