WinFIG: a windows based Xfig

I am a great fan of the Xfig program; and, countless are the nights that I spent with Xfig generating schematics for my talks, theses, and papers.

Today, I learnt about WinFIG, a windows based Xfig — I installed and used it too, and, the experience is not too different from that of Xfig; occasionally, a window with some German question pops up on the screen; fortunately, the answer buttons are in English!

Winfig allows the figures to be exported, among others, in eps and ps file formats; so, using the schematics in LaTeX is also rather straightforward.

Have fun!

One Response to “WinFIG: a windows based Xfig”

  1. Franco Brezzi Says:

    HELP! I cannot glue compounds in WinFig (and there is no user manual) !!!
    Any suggestion will be welcome.

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