Composites: Science special issue

Science recently ran a special issue on composites in the Materials Science section. Here are the links, if you are interested:

  • Introduction to the issue
  • A perspective on Composites in armor: Composite materials are traditionally regarded as materials that can save energy in large structures associated with transport. They are used to produce lightweight structures for fuel-efficient aircraft such as the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner; lightweight cars from Lotus, Ferrari and TVR; and high-speed trains, speedboats, and racing yachts. Now, however, some of the most interesting applications of composites are those where the materials are used to save lives and protect property by absorbing the energy of projectiles, impacts, and crashes.
  • A review on Simulating fracture patterns in composite materials; link via iMechanica (which took me to the issue in the first place; however, sometimes, as in the present case, the mechanicians forget to mention about anything other than what they have published).
  • A review on Nanoparticle-polymer composite.

Have fun!

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