For winter reading!

Over at MetaxuCafe, Otter has some interesting recommendations:

  • The Mother Tongue:

    In looking for easy to read books on philology, books for the amateur, I came across Bill Bryson’s The Mother Tongue. Better known for his travel memoirs A Walk in the Woods and In a Sunburned Country, this early work of his traces the history of the English language in a humorous way. Where most philologists take themselves much too seriously, Bryson finds humor in the fact that in the English language word pronunciations don’t always follow spellings, that the English language loves to steal words from other languages, and that no one has ever been able to regulate its growth.

  • Master of Souls:

    In these politically dangerous climes Fidelma must solve the murder of an abbess, a noted scholar, and a traitor. Tremayne once again has written a book that anyone who likes a good mystery just cannot put down. The action is continuous, the solution difficult, and the climax full of excitement.

  • Magician:

    These works are stunning in scope, original in content, and fast paced in plotting. There is never a dull moment and the characters have a depth that makes them near and dear to the reader. It is a vibrant epic and I look forward to reading the other books in the series, both those I have read before, and those that have come out in the 10 years of my hiatus.

  • The Left Hand of Darkness:

    I will recommend this book to you, dear reader, as an excellently crafted work of fiction. Do not accept its assumptions without forethought, and beware its overly simplistic answers. Learn its challenges, for we all face these, and understand the strength of friendships in its words, for we all need these.

  • The Memory Keepers Daughter:

    Generally, I don’t have time to sit and read a book from start to finish. (In truth, I didn’t last night.) But I just couldn’t let The Memory Keeper’s Daughter go. Kim Edwards’s novel of twins separated at birth, one normal and healthy, the other with Down’s syndrome is heartrending and painful.

  • Glory Road:

    Not a spectacular work, but one that is fun just to take to your favorite chair and laugh with. I giggled often as I read it. It is truly a writer at the top of his craft just having fun with language and the world that was changing rapidly around him.

  • Redeeming Love:

    It only took me two days to read this book in its entirety, so I think it evident that it was enjoyable, even for one (like me) who dislikes Christian fiction in general, and Christian romances most especially. The idyllic setting, the delve into human nature, and ultimate triumph of Angel and Michael’s love of God and each other all make this a most compelling and enjoyable read.

May be it is a bit late to give book recommendations now, after the holiday season is over; but then, we do have a long winter ahead; so, might be a good idea to carry this list with you during your next visit to the local library!

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