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“Frank Barone”: RIP

December 13, 2006

NY Times reports the passing away of Peter Boyle.

On synesthesia, or…

December 13, 2006

The most beautiful painting you’ve ever heard of  in Seed, which is quite interesting:

Eagleman says his studies are unique in the genetics field. “All of the other studies ask how genes correspond to physical attributes, like hair color or height,” he said. “This is the first example of something I’m calling perceptual genomics: how genes correspond to how people actually see the world.”

And, then there is also something about universal art (the existence of which is what Paul Graham argued for, as we noted here):

“In our art there is something universal. If someone asked me ‘What is art?’ I would say art is patterns. In the same way that DNA is a pattern that could explain an entire species, there are patterns in nature that show up in my dreams and show up in my art. And maybe none of us are consciously aware of them.”

Take a look!