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Ok! You did not believe me…

December 1, 2006

When I told you about heart tissues that drive mechanical pumps; now, take a look at this; link via /. Do you still think, it is air that you are breathing?

Online “Free to choose”

December 1, 2006

A TV series by Friedman called “Free to choose” is streamed here; link via MR.

Shut up and show them

December 1, 2006

In Delhi, during a dance programme a danseuse started explaining the nuances of Bharatha Natyam before her dance since the audience consisted mostly of non-Indians. Alarmel Valli, who was in the first row, apparently lost her patience and  commanded “Shut up and dance”. The open source philosophy is the same–Shut up and show them the code. No wonder, an anthropologist who worked with the Ubuntu community decided to “Shut up and show us his question guide” under GPL; link via

My heart beats for you, O mechanical pump!

December 1, 2006

B-squared tells about a pump driven by heart muscle cells and powered by a nutrient bath; apparently, during testing, the pump operated continuously for six days! Here is the NewScientist page that B-squared links to.

Now, tell me; do you really think that it is air that you are breathing? 😀