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Gandhigiri and Gandhism!

September 27, 2006

Mihir Shah in the Hindu as to why and how Gandhigiri touches the core of Gandhism.

“Academic job” search!

September 27, 2006

Here is an article (among others) about job search; link via orgtheory.

Software: management and distribution!

September 27, 2006

Here is an article about good software management practices; link via Joel Spolsky. It has some, shall we say, interesting information about XP:

Well, people pretty quickly demonstrated that XP was a load of crap. Take Pair Programming, for instance. It’s one of the more spectacular failures of XP. None of the Agileytes likes to talk about it much, but let’s face it: nobody does it. The rationale was something like: “well if ONE programmer sitting at a terminal is good, then TEN must be better, because MORE is ALWAYS better! But most terminals can only comfortably fit TWO programmers, so we’ll call it PAIR programming!”

But, the more interesting stuff is the Google management practices that are described. An extremely interesting (if opinionated) article, worth a look!

Here is an article in Linux journal about Debian vs Firefox, and Torvalds vs FSF:

Two hot issues are making the rounds. First, Debian and Firefox are having a spat, and the end result may be that Debian will distribute Firefox under a different name. Second, the war betwen Linus Torvalds and other Kernel developers and the Free Software Foundation over GPLv3 is continuing, with Torvalds saying he’s fed up with the FSF. Here is my take on both, and related issues.

Very nicely argued. Have fun!

An interview with Rosanna Warren!

September 27, 2006

Orgtheory strongly recommends this interview with Rosanna Warren in the Kenyon Review.

Building a successful software business!

September 27, 2006

Mike Taber has some ideas, in case, you are not able to enlist the support of Y combinator. All it takes is dedication, decent level  of skills as a developer, and a bit of money. If you think you have got  what it takes, head over and check his ideas out.