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Selected bibliography from Seeing Voices!

August 22, 2006

I plan to get to at least some of these books some day; these are the books listed by Oliver Sacks in his selected bibliography at the end of his book, Seeing Voices. The books marked in bold are the ones that Sacks strongly recommends and/or the ones I want to read first.

  1. When the mind hears: a history of the Deaf — Harlan Lane
  2. The Deaf experience: classics in language and education — Harlan Lane (Ed.)
  3. Deaf heritage:a narrative history of deaf america — Jack R Gannon
  4. History of the college for the Deaf — Edward Galladuet
  5. Deaf and Dumb — scholars 11th edition of Encyclopaedia Brittanica
  6. Everyone here spoke Sign language: hereditary deafness on Martha’s Vineyard Nora Ellen Groce
  7. Deafness — David Wright
  8. A loss for words: the story of deafness in a family — Lou Ann Walker
  9. The quiet ear: deafness in literature — Brian Grant (Compiler)
  10. Lessons in laughter — Bernard Bragg
  11. What’s that pig outdoors — Henry Kisor
  12. The Deaf population of the United States — Jerome D Schein and Marcus T Delk
  13. Spaking the language of Sign and At Home among strangers — JD Schein
  14. Sign language: the study of deaf people and their language — J G Kyle and B Woll
  15. Sign language and the Deaf community: essays in honour of William Stokoe — Edited by Charlotte Baker and Robbin Battison
  16. Deaf in America: voices from a culture — Carol Padden and Tom Humphries
  17. The other side of silence: Sign language and the Deaf community in America — Arden Neisser
  18. Galladuet encyclopaedia of Deaf people and Deafness — John Van Cleve (Ed.)
  19. Towards a theory of instruction and Child’s talk: learning to use language — Jerome Bruner
  20. Teaching and talking with deaf children — David Wood, Heather Wood, Amanda Griffiths, and Ian Howarth
  21. Sound and Sign: childhood deafness and mental health — Hilde S Schlesinger and Kathryn P Meadow
  22. Psychoanalytic studies of the sighted and the blind — Dorothy Burlingham
  23. The interpersonal world of the infant — Daniel Stern
  24. Syntactic structures and 1967 Beckman lectures (reprinted as Language and mind) — Noam Chomsky
  25. The signs of language — Edward S Klima and Ursula Bellugi
  26. What the hands reveal about the brain — Howard Poizner, Edward S Klima and Ursula Bellugi
  27. Words and things — Roger Brown
  28. Biological foundations of language — Eric H Lenneberg
  29. Thought and language — L S Vygotsky
  30. Language and the discovery of realit: a developmental psychology of cognition — Joseph Church
  31. How natives think — Lucien Levy-Bruhl
  32. The interpretation of cultures — Clifford Geertz
  33. Discourse on the origin of inequality — Rousseau
  34. The wild boy of Aveyron — Harlan Lane
  35. The forbidden experiment: the story of the wild boy of Aveyron — Roger Shattuck
  36. Caspar Hauser — Anselm von Feuerbach
  37. Land of darkness and silence — Werner Herzog (Film)
  38. Halo in the sky: observations on anality and defense — Leonard Shengold
  39. Genei: a psycholinguistic study of a modern-day wild child — Susan Curtiss
  40. A man without words — Susan Schaller

Now, I guess that is plenty of reading for anybody — but that is the kind of interest and enthusiasm that Sacks kindles!

FRN Nabarro: RIP

August 22, 2006

From Santa, I hear that Prof. FRN Nabarro passed away. Of his papers, I have read the ones about rafting in superalloys with great interest, and our own simulations supported his conslusions about elasticity driven rafting; however, when he was at the Institute, I did not interact with him, which is a pity. May his soul rest in peace.