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On writing!

August 20, 2006

Here are some writing tips; link via Mother Tongue Annoyances!

Visit to Brookfield zoo!

August 20, 2006

Yesterday, we visited the Brookfield zoo; it was a wonderful trip. I especially enjoyed the dolphin show. We got to see lots of animals, and some of them I was seeing for the first time — the kangaroo, emu, polar bear, ibex, and giraffe, for example.

Since we visited the Botanical garden recently, I was comparing the two trips — there is an excitement in air (especially when there are kids in the group) while spotting the animals in the zoo which is missing in the botanic garden. It could be due to several reasons — we tend to hear and read about animals more than plants as kids. It is far more easier to spot a zebra and/or identify it as one than to spot a buckeye, for example. That the animals move and respond also makes a huge difference; while we were in the zoo, one of the snow leopards decided to come closer to us and inspect us closely — such a thrill is missing while visiting a botanical garden. Thus, while botanical gardens seem to be ideal for a long walk, meditation, and reflection, the zoo seems to be the place for fun, participation, and enjoying the wonders. However, there is one crucial difference — a visit to the zoo invariably makes me sad — the snow leopard for example, whould be feeling so cramped, and if he maintains his grace even under such circumstances, well, like RKN’s tiger of Malgudi, he must be a very noble beast indeed! On the whole, a day well spent!