Pyol and the porch!

Here is a story from NPR about a picture book called Out on the Porch. It says:

In American literature, the porch is a stage where the symbolism is often as thick as the summer air — a transitional space between the cocoon of home and the cacophony of the outside world.

Probably,  AK Ramanujan will say that the porch in American literature is the bridge between the Akam and Puram. The corresponding symbolism in the Indian literature would be the Pyol, I suppose; the word itself is not to be found online in the dictionaries, and one of the references calls it a balcony. However, for those of you who know the Pyol, thinnai, or katta, and RKN, the meaning should be clear; those of you who do not know, take a look at this photo. So, if we make a book called Out on the Pyol, apart from RKN, who else will figure in it?

3 Responses to “Pyol and the porch!”

  1. richa Says:

    is ‘pyol’ a tamil word?

  2. Guru Says:

    No; it is an English word (though most of the dictionaries do not list it). Thinnai is the Tamil word.

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