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A differential geometry primer!

July 28, 2006

Tangents, normals, curvatures, grad, curl, Laplacian… Here is a nice primer on differential geometry published in the Reviews of Modern Physics. On the way, you might learn a bit of soft condensed matter too. According to the abstract, the necessary pre-requisite is just vector calculus:

This article presents an overview of the differential geometry of curves and surfaces using examples from soft matter as illustrations. The presentation requires a background only in vector calculus and is otherwise self-contained.

Here is a link to the preprint at arXiv. Nice and extremely readable article!

Ravi Dayal: tribute from Seminar!

July 28, 2006

Here is In memoriam: Ravi Dayal from tha July issue of Seminar.

Love of math and God!

July 28, 2006

So it was a love of math that preserved Archimedes’ work for the first thousand years — and a love of God that carried it to the present.

So ends an article about Archimedes Palimsest at NPR. It even has some details about the multispectral imaging and X-ray fluourescence imaging used to uncover the hidden text. Take a look!

Google and open source!

July 28, 2006

Google announces open source repository says /.