Oops…can I cancel my noodles order?

Almost everyday, a huge number of grad students show up at 2:00 am in the tea board of the Institute for some noodles, idly, vada, and such stuff. Now, we hear that

Night eating most common among people with psych conditions


Night eating syndrome is a condition that is characterized by two main features: excessive eating in the evening (hyperphagia) and nocturnal awakening with ingestion of food. Its prevalence has been estimated to be 1.5% in the general population and 8.9% in an obesity clinic.

Tells me that all the 1.5% of the general population with night eating habits end up in the Institute!

One Response to “Oops…can I cancel my noodles order?”

  1. santonu Says:

    its easy to conduct the interviews now. Just ask: Do u feel hungry at night? and eat some food? if yes! just send a letter to his/her house. Congratulation u have been selected….

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